Are your speeches alive, engaging, natural enough?


Speechwriting / Speech~Crafting assignments. CEOs and other business, and thought leaders, have engaged me over the years to develop speeches and talks to give to their customers, prospects, salespeople, shareholders, peers, constituents and other audiences.

I approach them as felt forms of conversations, person-to-person talks with versus talks at.

High-profile figures, innovators, authors, others are at ease with me. Because I know how to relate with them; understand them. And how to work thoughtfully and anecdotally to develop live, recorded and other forms of talks that are entirely engaging ~ and natural to their particular personas, rhythms, voices. 

Prime examples...

  • SAP, developing a keynote address for co-CEO Bill McDermott for a Sapphire Now business technology conference. 
  • SAP, developing concepts and scripting for a video opener for co-CEO Jim Snabe's keynote at a Sapphire Now China conference in Beijing. Collaborating with Woo Creative. 
  • IBM, developing end to end the narrative for IBM's internal and external awareness-raising One Voice 3.0. A speech-like "talking stick" in print form, over 6,000 words; given to every IBMer. Which required a Gerstnerian sound and style, like then-CEO Lou Gerstner. A critical communication that articulated the Company's core strategic focus and direction. Collaborating with VSA.
  • ALM, developing a sales conference keynote speech, framing to writing and editing, for CEO Bill Carter. Working with digital marketing group Velocidi.
  • Yannis Simonides, consulting on the development of a TedX talk "Socrates Now" for this acclaimed world-performer and Emmy Award-winning producer.