Is your name, your tagline reflective, distinctive, resonant enough?


Naming and tag-lining projects range from naming new businesses, subsidiaries, products, services, events, Intranets. To developing or redeveloping tag/positioning lines for companies, organizations, public-facing initiatives, campaigns, programs.

My foremost goal is always to arrive at the most fitting, engaging and effective solution for each client.

Prime examples, among myriad ones over decades (more are available), include...

  • World Clinic, strategic re-positioning line development for this unique, high-level telemedical care provider.
  • Velocidi, positioning-line ideas for this niche digital marketing group, at their start-up.
  • Reputation Institute, tag/positioning line ideas for this global reputation management consulting group (in addition to redeveloping the top-line content across their market-facing sight). Partnering with Humanize Inc.
  • Bain & Company, developing company tag/positioning line ideas.
  • Tishman Speyer, developing tag lines for an extension of the Company's global "See It First" B2B advertising campaign. Working with VSA Partners.
  • Wealthstream Advisors, developing the name for this private financial advisor to high net worth clients.