Do you have an astute, effective interviewer involved? Are your questions incisive enough?


Interviewing assignments range from conducting strategic marketing story discoveries that inform and inspire the inner workings of an entire project. To shaping questions ~ and leading one-on-one dialogues with diverse figures for large and smaller audiences of viewers, readers, listeners.

I've spent decades professionally interviewing people, from Fortune 500 senior executives to prominent scientists and thought leaders, to entrepreneurs and fine artists; from myriad backgrounds, cultures. An art form I've mastered and bring to every client, interview, interviewee. With a style widely-acknowledged as refreshing, engaging, effective, revealing.

All to mindfully and anecdotally elicit, gather and reveal essential ideas, insights, points-of-view, color.

Prime examples (more are available)...

  • NASDAQ, prepared and conducted interviews with the CEO and other senior executives, to inform the Exchange's annual report, and create shareholders' letters for several annual reports; which I also wrote & edited the complete front-of-books for. Working with Russell Design.
  • SAP, led interviews with SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott to (also) craft a keynote address from, for a Sapphire Now business technology conference. And subsequently, to help develop an SAP annual shareholder meeting address.
  • Velocidi, interviewing with entrepreneurial founders of this niche digital marketing group, to create a marketing story platform, messaging, and subsequent launch site content, presentations and pitches.
  • Warner-Lambert, interviewing thought leaders one-on-one around the world, on the human genome, intellectual capital, and informed, Internet-age consumer, as part of an enlightened annual report project. Then developing independent long-form essays from the input, on these prominent subjects. Working with Addison Design.
  • Reputation Institute, interviewing the leadership team of this global consulting group to elicit essential insights and input to redevelop a marketing story & top-line web site messaging and content. 
  • SAP, interviewing actor Gabriel Byrne, in connection with his live, multimedia performance for an SAP Sapphire Now business technology conference opener for over 6,000 senior executives. To understand and evolve the right voice, tone, rhythm and working script for Byrne; which I also created.
  • Bain & Company, as part of a firmwide global positioning effort: interviewing the CEO and senior managing partners around the world, to define, distill and develop an authentic, effective persona and voice; create corresponding image materials, and support Bain's most critical multinational marketing initiatives.
  • Words from the Front Lines, an interview series I created in 2008 about vital, vivid people, ideas and perspectives of keen interest to me and others: at . All based on live interviews. On topics ranging from Authenticity, The Art of Listening and The Rise of the New Entrepreneurs, to the nature of deep presence, A Time for Questioningand Searching for the Giant Squid, a conversation about curiosity.